Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mom & Dad's SURPRISE 25+1 Anniversary Party

Happy 25+1 (26th) Anniversary Mom & Dad
Yummy cake!!

Samantha & Hoss, expecting their 1st baby!! :)

My dad's whole side of the family (minus Denny & Jamie)

Mom & Dad

Dad's siblings

Our cousins on our dad's side

Ainsley's other Grandpa, Jeff
Our 2nd cousin Daylin

My mother and her mom

Me, Grams, & Joshua
Grams, Alyson, Austin, & Ainsley

Mom & Dad opening their gifts! That was a surprise to me! Gifts!!

Gram's 79th Birthday!

Grandma with her Target yummy cake!

Soo pretty!

Abby & Arianna

Abby, Arianna, Grams, Mom, Kendra, Alyson (Ainsley)

Abby Visiting

Abby got to stay with us for sometime here are some pictures from her visit with us:
Me, Alyson, Abby, Arianna & Ainsley

Grams, me, Alyson, Abby, Mom, Ainsley, & Arianna

My dad holding Arianna

Arianna and her cute self!

Visiting Tana and Chanda

On our way to Ohio! It was about a 2 hour drive from Indy.

Tana holding her baby girl, Ashlynn!

Alyson holding Ainsley & Tana holding Ashlynn

Group shot! Chanda, Alyson, Ameron, & Tana with the babies!


Ameron & Chanda!

Tana & Ameron

We had a great little one day visit! Thanks for having us over Granny! We love you! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Kitchen Cabinet Magic

Before: looking in from the living room
These are pictures from the listing on our house:
*****Before you start this...Please, Please make sure that your cabinets are solid wood and not particle board! If you have particle board cabinets I'd recommend putting on new wood vi near or wood laminate to reface them with,not refinishing in this manor*****

What you'll need:
  1. Electric sander(s)- We had an orbital and a belt sander. I think the orbital was nicer. Of course I borrowed the ones we used. Try http://tinyurl.com/hitatchysander we love hitachi!! I also love my black and decker tools, try: http://tinyurl.com/nn8ssk we also had one of these nifty little tools for small places: http://tinyurl.com/drimel
  2. Lots of sand paper (ranging in grit from 60-120) FYI- the higher the number the smoother the paper. The lower the grit the rougher the paper. I like to use a medium texture paper that removed more stain/paint and but didn't gouge the wood. I found that with the rougher paper it was easy to over sand. Not a good idea!! Try: http://tinyurl.com/gatorgrit for your electric sander & http://tinyurl.com/sandingblock for the close spots that you have to hand sand. I used the tilted edge blocks. I went though about 5-8 blocks! You'll get some serious work-outs for your arms. :) You'll also want a couple of these sand paper blocks http://tinyurl.com/betweencoats
  3. Stain Remover- try http://tinyurl.com/stainstripper to remove stain and paint from grooved that you can't sand in. Use a steel wool pad after letting sit. Follow directions on bottle!!
  4. Foam brushes- all sizes fat, thin, etc. And don't buy the cheapy ones. You want a nice, smooth finish. Which would mean no foam particles on your cabinets, right?! Try http://tinyurl.com/foambrushes After all that work removing the old finish spend the extra $1.50 for the nice brushes! :)~
  5. Old rags- to remove excess stain and polyurethane.
  6. Stain & Polyurethane: use water based stains like: http://tinyurl.com/cherrystain & semi-gloss polyurethane try: http://tinyurl.com/polyyy. I'd recommend testing stain colors before you buy a whole gallon of stain! I'd also recommend going dark instead of lighter, unless after you remove all the paint or stain off your cabinets you don't have any "bruises". I personally wanted the dark so I was not worried about stubborn spots.
  7. Plastic or Cardboard- for the stain remover, staining, and polyurethane application steps.
  8. Gloves, masks, & eye wear
  9. Time, lots and lots of time!!!

    *Always use eye wear safety glasses, I'd recommend a mask too!!*

During: My wonderful husband sanding down the faces of the cabinets. This was the easy part :)

  1. Remove cabinet doors from fixtures numbering them as you go. Remove hardware from doors and fixtures. Put all hardware screw, hinges, knobs, handles, etc. from each cabinet in a zip lock plastic bag with the corresponding number on it. Place all zip lock baggies in ONE Tupperware or storage container for later. (I reused my hardware, I spray painted them silver!)
  2. The tedious task starts here: start sanding and stripping off all the paint, or stain in my case. If you are removing paint, I would use the stripper (using the gloves) first. I DO NOT recommend pregnant women to inhale such chemicals as these! If you are removing stain, I would sand first, but that's just me. Feel free to use your best judgement. Every cabinet is different! :) Don't forget you not only have the cabinet doors to remove the old finish off of, but you also have the cabinet fixture too!!!
  3. After all the long hours of electric sanding, hand sanding, and stripping off the old finish you are ready to stain!! After you have tested colors and picked what you wanted. Use the nice foam brushes you bought to apply your first nice even coat of stain. This is where you get to be creative and decide if you want to let it soak in for 10 min and wipe it off or longer. Test only one door first. I left my stain on without wiping it off to get the dark color I have. I put two coats on mine. Read stain directions for timing of coats and drying information. You may need the super fine sanding block (the yellow, hand sand paper block) to smooth out any imperfections.
  4. After you have finished staining all your doors and cabinet fixtures it's time to apply the polyurethane! I put two coats on mine with the light sand (yellow sand paper block again) between. This was a fast step!
  5. After everything has dried at least for a full day, it's time to hang everything back up! Lucky you, you know which cabinet doors go to which fixtures with the matching hardware!! You lucky dog, you!!!

My wonderful cherry kitchen cabinets, After:

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed carpenter. I am only telling you what I did to my cabinets and what I would recommend for other situations. Refinishing your own project is an "at your own risk" project! Good luck, I'm sure you'll love it after all the time you put into it! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ridin' Dirty!

Me and my Dad went Jeepin' @ Haspin Acres!!! It was soo much fun!! I had already taken a shower...in this pic, I was quite muddy!! It was my 1st time at Haspin but it will not be my last!

We only got stuck once! And that was in a huge mud pit. We were sitting up past the wheels in mudd! Yummy!! We used the winch & another Jeep to get us out. It only took a minute or so to get out. I'm hoping to get those pictures added on here soon too! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Zowie's 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday little girl!! Your 3 years old now!!!
Eating her birthday treat- with sprinkles!
She didn't care for it too much so she got her usual favorite- a greenie! She goes nuts over greenies! Chance came out to tell you Happy Birthday!!
Oh, time to play! Josh playing fetch with Molly and Zowie!

Tug-a-war! Too cute!!

"Catch me if you can"

My beautiful little girl!! FYI- Zowie is a Bichon Frise/Poodle mix (my parent's own her mother and father)

Our 1st Anniversary!

What a great weekend we had!

We stayed in Nashville, IN We actually started in Edinburgh,IN shopping at the outlet mall and eating out. Then we drove to Columbus,IN to get a hotel. We ate cake for the first time on Friday night. Then, we drove to Nashville,IN for Saturday. We went horseback riding, had olden day pictures done, went shopping and ate ice cream, yummy!! Then we headed to our ROMANTIC suite. Josh had flowers and wine ready for us to arrive. It was soo nice!! We ate more cake! Then I gave him his present! He LOVED my budoir pictures! You probably couldn't tell from the pictures of him opening it. LoL~!

P.s. Our cake was yummy, amazing good!! Thank you Jonathan Byrd's!!!

Josh opening his present:

He wasn't excited or anything?!!?! LMAO!

We really enjoyed ourselves on our 1st Anniversary!