Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunday, December 19, 2010

*Christmas with a baby*

So far...she loves looking at the light and all the fun toys that play noises and dance. She's started to watch T.V. which I don't particularly care for. We don't have many presents under the tree this year, since I'm in school and not working. We got one gift each this year. And not big gifts either. Baby June is our BIG GIFT ;) I know this is her first Christmas, but I'm really looking forward to next years Christmas already! Then she will be able to open the gifts and play with things! She really hasn't played with many of her toys yet. But she has rolled over twice. I think people think I'm lying about it since she hasn't done it since! lol! She's so cute and coos and awhhs alot daddy loves her smiles. She's a great sleeper and has been are REALLY great baby!! So happy! :)

I just finished my first semester of Dental Hygiene school and boy was that finals week was intense!! So hard to believe I had a baby a month into the semester! (& only got one "C"!) lol! Josh got a conditional offer for a great police department pending background investigtion and pysch evaluation. Assuming he passes we will be moving come Febuary or March! So thankful they picked him!!! :) We are still using our cloth diapers (actually just got more Fuzibunz) and exclusively nursing! So proud of our little girl! She makes life so much easier by being easy going and happy all the time! :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

*Cloth diapering*

My 2 cents about cloth diapers!

First off I must say, I'm not a super ecofriendly person. I'm not out to change the world over cloth diapering. I'm no hippy by any means. I just like to do what makes sense. Cloth diapering makes sence for us. I do like that we are doing some small part to help reduce waste. But, we don't ONLY use cloth diapers, we used disposables for the first month almost exclusively. Then we slowly worked our way into cloth diapering more and more. We still use disposables when necessary, however we really like to limit it now. But come on there is a reason disposable were created ;)

Let's get started!

Biggest turn off: cleaning out pooh...guess what?! Your a mom now, your going to be messing with lots of fun stuff that dirty cloth diapers don't even come close to! Really! It's not a big deal and bonus, if your breastfeeding- no dunking the pooh out! I don't even think you would need to until solids on formula feed babies either. But, breastmilk IS water soluble and will come out in the wash! When I read this I emediately wanted to give it even more of a chace. Breastmilk doesn't smell or stain as bad as formula, love breastfeeding but thats another blog topic in it's self!! There's really not too much pooh at first anyway...just ummm...runny!

Second turn off: laundry, have alittle extra laundry..but when considering that I was having to wash an outfit each time I change her from disposables...I'm sure it's about the same! Plus, I just think about how these diapers are not going in a landfill and it makes it all worth it to me.

Third turn off: The hubby not wanting to do it with me. He was alittle hesitent at first. But he warmed up fast to cloth diapering once I got a few different diapers in my hand to show him how cool they were! He loves saving money, not having to buy diapers at $20 a pack is awesome! Yes, the initial cost was high, but worth it in the end. See for your self at diaper pin's website.We can use these diapers over and over, and over again! Including on our future children! Take that to the bank!! Maybe even sell them afterward! Yes, people buy *used* cloth diapers! It's true! At near full price too!! Crazy, I know!

What we did and are currently doing:

We have bought a few different types that I read other moms using and liking. There are even trail packages that you can buy for just trying out, only $10.00 + a refundable depoit just send it back if you don't want them after the trail period (21 days) ends! Like this one from Jillian's Drawers. I didn't do that because they didn't have the diapers *I thought* I wanted in the package and I knew I didn't want to do the snapies...and because of personal reasons! I knew I wouldn't be working and money would be tight while I was in school. So, wanted to buy them before so that I knew I could have them when June came.

I first bought a prefold with cover, and a bumgenius. I hated the prefolds look and feel, I still plan on trying it. But she wont be able to fit in it for awhile! However, I tried the bumgenius out on my wonderful niece. She seemed to like it. So, I bought more :) and more! And other brands and ones that I found on sale.

We currently have: 7 bumgenius, 4 fuzzibunz, 3 grobaby, 1 rumparoo, & 1 bummis.

I only bought the rumparoo, grobaby, & bummis because they were on sale and I wanted to try something other than fuzzibunz and bumgenius, even thought I really liked both. Just wanted to get my "feet wet" with the other options out there even though those two are talked about over and over again when I read up on cloth diapers.

It's really easy peasy! Velcro or snap on just like disposables. Take off like disposables. Throw in a pail, much like disposables, only you have to put the velcro tabs on the washing tabs, so when you wash them later, the velcro doesn't ruin other items. Ugh I hate when that happens! Which is why I see why so many like the snaps. I read over and over again that the snaps where better, but I didn't believe it until I had my own and used them. I couldn't see how snaps could out do velcro, but it does. They adjust just as easy if not easier and are easy to use on a "squirmy baby" trust me, snaps are nicer. The velcro does wear fast too. We are only 2 months in and I can see the wear!


Use warm/hot water and only use 1/4 the detergent (we like the 'ALL' free and clear-we now use it on all our clothes! We use to only use tide because I thought I was allergic to anything else! Ha!). As I start to run the water, I pull out all the inserts from the pocket diapers and pull out or unsnap the other inserts, etc. I run two whole cycles to make sure all the detergent is out (or else you will get a repel problem- ie not soaking up the pee! ) I also run two cycles on the dryer. (We have a really old set of washer and dryer so this is probably why we (<--- I) feel the need to run two complete cycles, most only run and extra rinse cycle in the wash! But, I like knowing they are clean and the detergent is really out) After they are done, I stuff them back and put them at her diaper changer- only takes me 5 min! Seriously! Ready for the next use! Which is where all the fun is!! June smiles when we put her cloth diapers on her! That's one reason I really like them! They are so soft and I like that there are no chemicals (like the dry max contreversy). Cloth diapering isn't for everyone, but I believe that it is making it's way back and for good reasons! If your wondering/debating on it...just try ONE! Just one! I'd be surprised if you didn't like it!

Oh, and if your wondering about going out in public with them on...don't sweat it! It's really no big deal! They don't leak!! I didn't understand how people could be so confident in a CD but now I see! I just take as many as I think I may need (probably less than sposies! :)). Then, when I have a dirty one, I put it in a baggie (they have specific ones you can buy, but I just use the arm&hammer 'disposable' diaper bags or a large zipp lock bag and make sure I take it out when I get home to put with the others in the hamper/pail. (you want them in a breathable area , not enclosed for long- trust me! Don't leave them in your diaperbag for days! lol )

Downsides: bulky & avalibility- I've only been able to buy online! :( Fast shipping but a store with them would be nice!
Upsides: raves about no diaper rashes, no need to run to the store because you used your last diaper, so soft - I can't say that's like spoiling your child! Seriously, it seems like a luxury to me now, less leakage!, saving money, pretty prints and colors, saving our landfills, adjustable fit everytime (One size option)...

Over all, I'm super glad I ignored the negative advice about cloth diapering! I went out on a limb because no one I know CDs (they might after they see me do it though!! :)) I took the risk and I am sooo glad I did! It's not for everyone but if your thinking about it, try it! You never know, you might be as surprised as I was! It really is easy and a luxury when you use the diaps like fuzzibunz, etc. There are so many brands out there to try and don't let that overwhelm you! Pick a couple and try them!!!! I've wasted money on worse things, I'm sure you have too! I'm soooooo glad I took the chance!

P.s. I love all the diapers we have! I'm not disappointed in any of them!!!! I just want more!! In pretty colors too! :)

Ameron, Josh, & June

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Due Date to me!

Baby June has made it to her due date!

The hubby is still hopeful that she wants to come on her due date, because that would mean she's like him....on time for everything! I'm not so sure sitting here this morning. :( I never would have thought I'd make it this far in my pregnancy, with the way my Dr. was talking at my 37 week appointment. But here I am, at home looking down at my big O' belly trying to get comfortable while she squirms inside of me. Her newest thing to do is to force her butt up as high as possible into my ribs. It's pretty painful and she almost never lets up these days.

Every morning I hope to feel painful contractions or a huge wet spot in my bed when I wake up. But...nothing. Sounds like my cervix hasn't changed since last week. People are calling and texting us both like crazy!!!! Everyone is getting excited and I wish I could produce a baby for them...but she doesn't want to come out yet, I guess.... and I'm not going to make her come if she's not ready!! (YET!!!)

I know inductions are very common and it seems like a large majority of women want and get them as soon as possible, but I'm really hoping for nature to take it's course! I'm not too happy with my current situation, I want to meet my daughter and I know my husband is super anxious to hold her, but I can't help but think that my body knows best. It's been hard...every day you stop and take a few minutes to thing about what we would do if she decided to come today (and of course how happy we would be!!). We've been trying to plan around her for weeks now, it's very exhausting to have the house clean and baby ready at all times!! We've been try to have the laundry and dishes done as well as the carpets vacuumed...etc.

Hopefully she comes before the weekend is over!!! If she doesn't...I'll probably be calling the Dr's office to schedule an induction on Monday morning! I hate to evict her but I'm getting nervous about her size and being able to push her out!! My mom and sister both went natural with all their kids but on the other side....both of my sister in laws had to have c-sections!! Please no c-section for me!!!! Please!! Ahhhh....let it go Ameron...let it go!! It's out of your control! ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

BFP! Incase you didn't know ;)

We go Friday for our 1st appointment and then, hoping and praying that everything is well...we are telling everyone! :)

Here's the proof:
Current EDD: Sept 22, 2010! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Double posting it :)

I guess I'm tring to make up for lost time ;)

I've been trying to update my google websites with new bathroom pictures but it's not working out to well since they are moving everything over to google sites.... I love google pages (or is it the opposite?) Either way...I haven't been able to update my bio so here's an update on the bathroom.

List of things we need to do:

Touch up some paint spots
put up closet door
put up trim
repaint countertops
shorten tub spout
Chalk everything
6 small little things!!! :)
Here's the most recent picture:

I can't wait to be done!!! :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Or whatever you celebrate!!! :) I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately but here's one to keep you busy until I get my new computer Dh's getting me for my birthday!! :)

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree....

I love christmas soo much that I have two sets of Christmas tree ornaments :)

I have the set you see here: red and gold & a teal and silver set! I have only had the "blue" set since last year but I plan to alternate each year!! I love having 2 sets!! :)

Do you wrap presents and put them under the tree a.s.a.p or do you wait until just before Christmas?

As you can see...I wrap mine whenever! I'm sure that will change when we have our family one day, but for's easier! Besides, I don't have to worry about Josh finding his presents! Althought...I forget what I got him....OOps!! :)

Here's last year tree: ( I took prettier pictures this year )