Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Due Date to me!

Baby June has made it to her due date!

The hubby is still hopeful that she wants to come on her due date, because that would mean she's like him....on time for everything! I'm not so sure sitting here this morning. :( I never would have thought I'd make it this far in my pregnancy, with the way my Dr. was talking at my 37 week appointment. But here I am, at home looking down at my big O' belly trying to get comfortable while she squirms inside of me. Her newest thing to do is to force her butt up as high as possible into my ribs. It's pretty painful and she almost never lets up these days.

Every morning I hope to feel painful contractions or a huge wet spot in my bed when I wake up. But...nothing. Sounds like my cervix hasn't changed since last week. People are calling and texting us both like crazy!!!! Everyone is getting excited and I wish I could produce a baby for them...but she doesn't want to come out yet, I guess.... and I'm not going to make her come if she's not ready!! (YET!!!)

I know inductions are very common and it seems like a large majority of women want and get them as soon as possible, but I'm really hoping for nature to take it's course! I'm not too happy with my current situation, I want to meet my daughter and I know my husband is super anxious to hold her, but I can't help but think that my body knows best. It's been hard...every day you stop and take a few minutes to thing about what we would do if she decided to come today (and of course how happy we would be!!). We've been trying to plan around her for weeks now, it's very exhausting to have the house clean and baby ready at all times!! We've been try to have the laundry and dishes done as well as the carpets vacuumed...etc.

Hopefully she comes before the weekend is over!!! If she doesn't...I'll probably be calling the Dr's office to schedule an induction on Monday morning! I hate to evict her but I'm getting nervous about her size and being able to push her out!! My mom and sister both went natural with all their kids but on the other side....both of my sister in laws had to have c-sections!! Please no c-section for me!!!! Please!! Ahhhh....let it go Ameron...let it go!! It's out of your control! ;)