Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Double posting it :)

I guess I'm tring to make up for lost time ;)

I've been trying to update my google websites with new bathroom pictures but it's not working out to well since they are moving everything over to google sites.... I love google pages (or is it the opposite?) Either way...I haven't been able to update my bio so here's an update on the bathroom.

List of things we need to do:

Touch up some paint spots
put up closet door
put up trim
repaint countertops
shorten tub spout
Chalk everything
6 small little things!!! :)
Here's the most recent picture:

I can't wait to be done!!! :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Or whatever you celebrate!!! :) I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately but here's one to keep you busy until I get my new computer Dh's getting me for my birthday!! :)

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree....

I love christmas soo much that I have two sets of Christmas tree ornaments :)

I have the set you see here: red and gold & a teal and silver set! I have only had the "blue" set since last year but I plan to alternate each year!! I love having 2 sets!! :)

Do you wrap presents and put them under the tree a.s.a.p or do you wait until just before Christmas?

As you can see...I wrap mine whenever! I'm sure that will change when we have our family one day, but for now...it's easier! Besides, I don't have to worry about Josh finding his presents! Althought...I forget what I got him....OOps!! :)

Here's last year tree: ( I took prettier pictures this year )