Sunday, December 19, 2010

*Christmas with a baby*

So far...she loves looking at the light and all the fun toys that play noises and dance. She's started to watch T.V. which I don't particularly care for. We don't have many presents under the tree this year, since I'm in school and not working. We got one gift each this year. And not big gifts either. Baby June is our BIG GIFT ;) I know this is her first Christmas, but I'm really looking forward to next years Christmas already! Then she will be able to open the gifts and play with things! She really hasn't played with many of her toys yet. But she has rolled over twice. I think people think I'm lying about it since she hasn't done it since! lol! She's so cute and coos and awhhs alot daddy loves her smiles. She's a great sleeper and has been are REALLY great baby!! So happy! :)

I just finished my first semester of Dental Hygiene school and boy was that finals week was intense!! So hard to believe I had a baby a month into the semester! (& only got one "C"!) lol! Josh got a conditional offer for a great police department pending background investigtion and pysch evaluation. Assuming he passes we will be moving come Febuary or March! So thankful they picked him!!! :) We are still using our cloth diapers (actually just got more Fuzibunz) and exclusively nursing! So proud of our little girl! She makes life so much easier by being easy going and happy all the time! :)

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